Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sony's Amy Pascal speaks out about 'Moneyball'

Last week, the trades were all over a story that Soderbergh's new film Moneyball was being shut down five days before cameras were set to roll. As Variety put it, "the move came after Pascal read a rewrite that Soderbergh did to Steven Zaillian's script and found it very different from the earlier [drafts] she championed. Pascal was uncomfortable enough with how the vision had changed that she applied the brakes."

Patrick Goldstein's column 'The Big Picture' over at the LATimes has a great play by play of the behind the scenes of that decision and an interview with Sony chief Amy Pascal, which is worth checking out. Again, you can be the greatest filmmaker in the world, but if your script sucks it doesn't matter. It's odd too that no other studio wanted to jump on it.

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