Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Few Updates

A big part of this blog, for me, is being honest with you guys about the ups and downs I've encountered trying to break into this business and on that note, I have a few updates for you on a couple projects.

First, the good news:

The music video for White and Crazy Kids is coming along. We're continually revising the treatment but have a pretty good concept down. Also, big news, music video producer Dan Figur of New Dog Media has signed on to produce the vid. Dan has produced music videos for Angels and Airwaves and I'm happy to have him on board the project.

The not-bad-news-but-not-good-news:

We had a conference call with our Glory Days producer yesterday. We had the script at one of the big five agencies, as mentioned before, for a piece of talent. A couple weeks ago, the producer pulled the exclusivity of it to take it to his agent at the biggest agency in Hollywood. We've been waiting to hear from him and we finally did. His agent didn't really go for it. I guess it's a particular kind of humor. Now, this is not a terrible set back, however had he loved it, the road would have been much easier traveled, and for that reason, it's disappointing.

So, it didn't make for an exciting day, and because of that, it did not make for a great day. But the important lesson here is that the script is in no way dead. Our next step is to another agency, and we still have the first one excited about it. (I apologize for not naming these agencies, I have absolutely no interest in burning any bridges.) It only takes one person, like our producer, to get things start moving. Also, if there comes a time when your project is packaged, or you've sold another script, the agent who previously dismissed your screenplay will no doubt disavow all knowledge of it, claim to have never read it, and request it be promptly sent over.

And I've just received word that an agent at yet ANOTHER agency was sent it last night and is excited to read it. So, the script is getting around, but the producers intention is to package it and get this made and honestly that may take some time.

Since you can't wait around for the phone to ring on the ONE script you've written, as our producer says, "it's important to keep writing, writing, writing!" Which we are. Travis is on vacation (he rarely gets one) and I'm working on carding out the story. When he gets back, I'll have to move into production on the music video, at which point he will start development on the low-budget idea we've been flirting with. Once the video is done shooting, we'll return to our current script and begin writing. Hopefully, using history as our guide, we'll have a first draft 10 days later.

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