Monday, March 28, 2011

Dig: Post-Production Part 7

Yes, I realize it's been almost a month since I last posted (anything) on here but I have been busy, I swear. On a personal note, I've started working out in the mornings, which means I've been trying to go to bed at a decent time, which means I've been coming home, working on whatever needs to be done and then hitting the hay.

Most of that necessary work has been Dig. (The rest is a new feature project I'm working on.) After my in-laws watched two cuts of Dig I started showing it around. I showed my managers, the producers, Travis (writer), and a few others. And they all....really liked it.

I got notes here and there, which I've taken time to work on, but in general all of them thought it was really, really strong. Which was amazing to hear. After spending so much time on this and going through what I did in the edit, to hear that it works, to hear that it's resonating with those who watch it is really gratifying.

One thing that was really interesting is that while the film doesn't feel long, when it's over you really get the sense that you've spent time with these characters, that you've been with them for a while, that it didn't just fly by and that you really got to understand who they are.

In the last month, I've probably done about 4-5 passes on the film. It's gone from 24 minutes to 22 minutes and finally to 23 minutes, which I believe will be it's final running time. On the 22nd I finished what I felt was my final cut. I screened it for my managers and other than a small note (regarding holding a beat too long in one area) they thought it was great.

In addition, I feel really great about it. So, after I look at this little cut, I will lock picture on Dig.

Meanwhile, I've been lining up my post team. I'm really excited to tell you that I'll be working once again with Aaron Levy and Alexandra Fuhrman at Todd AO (who mixed Dark Prophecy) on the sound mix. James Cohan, who has colored all of my projects since The Ronnie Day Project, will be coloring the film. And composer Bill Brown, from CSI:NY and Dark Prophecy (along with many other films and video games) will be doing the music. I'm so excited to be working with the guys again. I had such an amazing time on Dark Prophecy and I really believe that their contribution to the film will take it above and beyond where it is now and turn it in to something really special.

One of the things I've realized on this project is that because Travis and I took the time to get the story right, took the time to make sure the script was strong, that it worked, it's all there in the final film. Everything beyond the story, the cinematography, the soundwork, the music, are all just cherries, those elements that help it rise above. They're not helping the story along. The story is there. They're enhancing your understanding of it. Which is why going to pros has always been really important to me on this project.

Additionally, I'm excited to tell you that an amazing graphic artist named Brandon Schaefer is currently designing the poster for Dig. For samples of the amazing work he's going to do for us, be sure to check out his website.

That's it for Dig right now. Will let you know when I have a better idea of the schedule. Meanwhile, to hear what I'm doing in between the sometimes lengthy blog postings, follow me on Twitter: @JCaldwell182