Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Checking out The Playhouse, Budget Issues, and Shotlists: A Slightly Better Day of Music Video Prep

Today was a slightly better day, although spirits were down this morning when Dan learned that he lost the 4-ton grip truck he had gotten at a great price because we didn't confirm it soon enough. Not his fault, we didn't get the money from the White and Crazy Kids till yesterday. But Dan quickly recovered with another package but had to pay a little more since it was so last minute, which seems the opposite of what would happen. You would think that if they couldn't find a renter by a day or two before the weekend they would take anything but I guess not.

I wrote the opening scene of the video today, which is going to be hilarious. I've seen a lot of music videos going this route, using dialogue scenes in the beginning. I know it's a music video but I think people are realizing the need to make it more than that. It's no longer interesting. I'd rather watch a small mini-movie than a straight up song and dance video. It's limiting and I think it makes you care less about the characters. When it's just a face, it feels like it could be anybody, so who cares? But if you here them talk, it grounds you a little bit, provides context, give you the chance to hear them again during the video even you really can't.

Plus, it provides the opportunity for a bigger setup than you can get by just starting with the music. Ours will be funny and awesome and the video will just get better from there.

After the debacle last night, we got to go visit a few clubs today. The first one did not work but the second one we decided to go with. It's a new hot club in Hollywood called The Playhouse and it looks like we're gonna be the first ones to shoot a video in it. If it all comes together this thing is gonna be awesome.

What is not awesome, is what locking down the Playhouse did to our budget. Went up by nearly 30%. Fortunately, the guys at White and Crazy Kids just want this thing to be awesome. So, they're willing to put in the extra money to make this thing rock.

We've got two more days before we shoot and I've got a lot to do, mostly with working on my vision of the video and shotlists.

The Lamborghini might pose some problems for us out at the desert locations, so Dan and I might be heading out there again (my third time) to check and see if it works.

That's all I got for you today. I will have 3Questions for you on Thursday but will probably not post on Friday as it will be Day 1 of the White and Crazy Kids music video shoot! Next week, I'll be sure to take you through the production of the video, with pics, behind the scenes video, and a play by play.

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