Friday, July 10, 2009

Music Video Update

I spent the day yesterday riding around on my motorcycle looking for a desert location for the music video. You think that finding a desert location near Los Angeles would be easy but we need some place as close as possible since we don't want to spend the whole day travelling. Other than going out towards Vegas, the area north of Angeles National Forest and East of Palmdale provides some pretty good desert locals.

We found this place below on the 138:

I think that location scouting, just me alone or me and another person driving around looking at place, is one of the best parts of the job. You get to see so many different places and locations that your everyday life would never take you. It's an exploration, the quest for discovery.

Meanwhile, things have been humming right along. Bringing Dan Figur on to produce was one of the best decisions I've made. He's been awesome.

Thus far we've been hard at work securing our locations, which includes an LA club, the desert, as well as various others. We've also been trying to get an awesome sports car, like a Lambo or Ferrari, but it's been tough to find one for a good price.

Hopefully, we'll be nailing down the locations this weekend, which means I can see them and start planning my shot lists.

The White and Crazy Kids have been busy completing work on the single, "Get Your Drink On."

This video is going to be awesome, so long as our locations come through. That's what is really gonna make it. Otherwise, everything is coming together nicely. I need to really start buckling down and preparing.

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