Monday, June 1, 2009

The Waiting Game

I've been procrastinating about this post for the entire day. I work it into my head that if I'm not writing about something then I can't do it. But I can't necessarily think of something specific to write about. I was also waiting because I was going to share something with you that was suppose to launch today, and that would be my post, but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen.

Much like Thursday is reserved for 3Questions, I'm thinking of making Monday an update day. However, since trying to think of a specific topic to write about locks me up, these updates will probably come through in stream-of-consciousness form because that's just how I rock it.

I've been doing a lot of waiting lately. Waiting is the worst part because you just sit around and check your email and voicemail for updates. And it is the absolute worst thing in the world. Travis and I have been trying to combat the Waiting Vortex (as I'll call it) by forgetting about the fact that we even wrote Glory Days and have started developing our next few projects. It's going really well. We have a super strong idea for a screenplay, an adaptation, and a couple other script ideas.

We've decided to focus our attention on features because everyone tells us that we're feature guys and we're gonna be huge in features and we should be focusing on those. So that's what we're doing. The question is whether or not we'll start work on the comedy feature or the adaptation. I guess it depends on whether we get the rights to the book or not.

Meanwhile, I've been busy with other things. I completed the Robert Wilson video for "I'm Gonna Make It." I haven't provided a link because Robert hasn't officially launched it. However, if you got to my site you can check it out in the portfolio section under music videos.

And as I write this, I'm waiting on the export for Chapter 2 of Mateo's "Underneath the Sky." See Chapter 1 here. I think Chapter 2 is sick, even better than Chapter 1, and is hopefully really going to make this piece stand out from the crowd. When the video officially launches, I'll provide more in depth information on the production of it and how we go about making these things.

I've also been working hard to get more interviews up on the site. I'm really spreading my wings and my contacts to bring you as much of a varied and wide-ranging point of view on Hollywood as I can. Look for a new interview this Thursday.

I guess that wasn't so hard...

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