Friday, September 4, 2009

Wordless Communication

There's a great blog post over at the Guardian UK film blog page about the skill of telling a story without dialogue. Too often, young filmmakers make the mistake of letting the dialogue tell the story when it should be the pictures.

From the site:

"These days, cinema has found its voice. Films have layer upon layer of sound: voice tracks, music tracks, background noise. But sometimes, even now, a quiet scene has a resonance impossible to achieve with words; the right gesture or expression can cut you to the quick in the way a killer line never could.

To me, it's always seemed very brave to resist the temptation to spell out every detail, to let the images speak for themselves. So, this week, let's honour the courageous directors who've done just that: we're looking for scenes in which characters communicate dialogue-free. This week's Clip joint speaks volumes without words."

You can read the post here.

Have a great labor day weekend!

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