Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Writing Process: Part 4

The One Where It Takes Longer to Write the 2nd Draft than the 1st Draft

Immediately after Travis and I returned from Christmas break we started working on the notes. Since it had been two weeks since we took the notes, we had to sit down, go through what we already had in the script and discuss and develop ways to make it better. And we pretty much had to touch everything. All of the story lines, characters, scenes, we had to deal with. Obviously, we also found a lot of flaws and bad writing.

One of the things that was important to us was that, having proven that we could write fast, we now wanted to prove that we could take notes and turn around something that was even better, even if that meant taking a little more time to do it.

We found the first week of writing to be a real wash. Still on New York time, I found myself ready to go to bed at 9:00 PM and the requirements of our full-time jobs left us little room to write. Essentially, week two was about trying to find a rhythm to the writing, finding time to get together to work.

Which is the real reason why it ended up taking about four weeks to write the second draft. We were just strapped for time. We actually ended up spending a lot of time writing apart, which I guess will be the story of how this script was written.

I mean, the real lesson to take away from this stage of the writing, is the ability to take notes and rework them into your vision of the project (even if you really disagree with the notes). Also, proving that we could improve a script with the next go around.

While I'm writing this severely post-2nd Draft I think we ended up doing a really good job. There weren't really any notes that we weren't able to use. Also, we ended up taking an additional week to really read through it and make sure everything worked, that we didn't have any loose ends we'd have to explain in the next notes call.

So, at the end of January, we sent the 2nd Draft off to the producers and awaited word.

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