Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday Night Scramble

15% uploaded...

It's 2:00 AM Monday morning and I'm waiting for my cut of the music video to upload so I can send it along to everybody to check out. It's very hot in my office because it's 1) hot to begin with in the valley and 2) I've got two computers running in here, one of them a Mac Intel tower, plus a couple hard drives, processing my footage. I had originally intended to have this sent out much earlier but weekend plans and chores got in the way.

I had also really planned to do some rewriting on the new script but didn't get a chance. However, since this video is being reviewed tomorrow, I can probably get half a day to get some work done. This blog post is my last thing before turning in for the night.

Saturday night, W&CK's manager came by to check out the video. I had sent a new edit to Luke and Randall an hour or so before, but Steve was in the area and came by. Having looked at it, and speaking with the website designer who was with him, we talked about what I already knew, that we need some bells and whistles added to this thing to take it to the next level.


My cut wasn't totally done, so I decided to spend tonight finishing everything up. There's a section towards the end that we may add to with something (can't give it away) but other than that, I put together a completed cut. Spent most of today and tonight trying to get it done.

Right now, there is some question among the creative team whether we're just having someone come in and After Effect it up, or having some literally come in and start from scratch. While I think it may be interesting, having someone cut from scratch is something that should have been decided a while ago. As of Tuesday, we have two weeks to deliver the cut, and if we're gonna have people working on effects shots, plus the coloring, we need all the time we can get, and I don't think we should pay for or waste time having someone recut it from scratch, especially because everyone likes the cut I've put together. It just needs some flair to it, that's all.

So, I'm hoping to figure all this out tomorrow. Doing these effects however, might create a workflow nightmare, and we need to get everyone together to figure out the best way to go about it.


Initially, I have to admit, when I was discuss the next steps with Luke and Randall, I felt like I was being pushed out of the way. It felt like, "Hey, you've done a great job, but now we're gonna take it and push it to the next level." And, I was a little upset. I don't want to just hand it over. I want to be involved every step of the way. I'm not going to sit back and just let someone mess with what I've done, I want to collaborate and get the best possible video.

But, a part of me is also kind of like, "F*ck it...they paid for it...they can do whatever they want with it." So, I've kind of settled down, even though I don't think it's at all what I wrote above. We're all in agreement on taking this video beyond where it's just question of how, and that's something that we need to figure out.


So, hopefully that will happen tomorrow and we can start moving into effect work this week, and deliver the picture lock to James by the 12th so that he can color correct and master for us.

As I mentioned, I'm sending everyone the cut tonight, so they can look it over tomorrow. Hopefully everyone is solid on it, and we then go about working on the effects.


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