Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Why I'm Raising Money for the 'LAX Trilogy'

Contribute now to help make the LAX Trilogy a reality.

A year ago this weekend I wrapped production on my first feature film Layover. We marked that one year anniversary with the film's World Premiere at the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival. We sold out both of our screenings. We're nominated for the New American Cinema award. We're having our LA premiere at the 2014 Dances With Films festival where we are also in competition for the Grand Jury prize. This is all just the beginning.

Layover is the first first in a planned trilogy we've dubbed the LAX Trilogy -- a series of three films that all begin with a main character arriving at LAX and taking off from there.

Assassin, the second film, is about a female assassin who meets and falls in love with another woman while hiding up in the San Bernardino mountains after a job goes wrong.

X (Ten) is an epic romance telling the story of one man's journey through love and life and the ten women who have made up his past relationships.

Sounds exciting, right? Well, even with the great success we've had so far with Layover no one is rushing to hand us a blank check. And we want to keep making films. We want to keep making films that are female driven. We want to keep making films that tell the stories that studios and even the major indies aren't making. Stories about people. Stories about emotions and relationships and complicated characters.

We need your help, either through contributions or through spreading the word. We're raising $50,000 to make the next two films. While that's a giant leap from what we spent on Layover it's still a very, very small amount of money but we're not going to be able to get these films made unless we reach our goal.

I hope you'll consider helping us out in any way you can.


  1. Hey Josh - this is really awesome man. And great interview over at Slashfilm. Super impressed.

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