Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Layover - Feature Film - Announcement

Back in January (coincidently, the last dated post on this blog) I wrote that I was "currently writing a script, some of which may be outline, improv, etc that I plan to shoot on weekends with no friends. I'm grounding it in the style and approach of French New Wave and making a small, personal drama. It's a project I'm very excited about and am hoping to lens within the next couple months. Once I have a script it's full steam ahead and my goal is to do it for $0. (Though I may have to spend a little money for food, etc.)

"I'm gonna run around Los Angeles with a 5D in my hand, shooting guerrilla style and piecing together a feature. It's gonna be awesome. Know why? Cause I'm making a film."

In May, I did just that. 

I want to introduce you to Layover, a film you'll be reading and hearing much more about over the next couple months.

The film, titled Layover, is the story of Simone Lyon, a young woman traveling from Paris to Singapore to visit her boyfriend. When her connecting flight is cancelled, she's forced to spend the night in Los Angeles. 

The film was shot over the course of 11 nights throughout the month. We shot entirely on the Canon 5D totally guerrilla style. We stole every location we could, we begged, borrowed and stole and at the end of the day only spent several grand on the production (after paying for food, locations and some other things that I'll reveal later). 

And we did it. Together with my amazing production team (Travis Oberlander, Vertel Scott and William Wolffe) and an incredible cast (Nathalie Fay, Karl E. Landler, Bella Dayne and Hal Oszan) we pulled it off. Meanwhile, Will Torbett (my long time Assistant Editor) will be joining me as a co-editor of the film.

In the coming months, I look forward to revealing more about the film, the process we went through to get the movie made and our plans for the film once its done.

For now, head on over to our Facebook Fan Page and give us a 'Like.' We've already hit more than 200 and have released some test footage we shot with actress Nathalie Fay to test the 5D/no budget concept.

Meanwhile, keep checking back here for a few more announcements in the coming weeks.

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