Friday, May 14, 2010

Short Film: The Raven

Thanks to dropping costs and rising advancements in cinema technology (Red One, Canon 5D, and so on) as well as a renewed interest in the short film format (thanks to YouTube and Vimeo) we’ve seen a recent surge in extremely well made short films popping up all over the Internet.

One of the most successful was Neill Blomkamp’s Alive in Joburg, which eventually became District 9. The above film, The Raven, is a pretty fantastic little short and looks amazing. I have a few issues with the story, the scenes towards the end are a little repetitive and could have probably been cut without much loss to the overall film, but this is nonetheless a solid piece of filmmaking. If nothing else, you could see this scene happening in a movie.

Made on what is rumored to be a relatively small budget, shorts like this just goes to show you what kind of technology the micro-budget filmmaker has at his disposal.

Which is exactly why I've begun work on my own short film. Though it won't really utilized visual effects (I'm just not that type of filmmaker) seeing these shorts has really given me the bug and helped push towards developing a new short. (The last one I shot was nearly four years ago.)

I enjoy seeing the resurgence of the short film and being a participant in it.

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