Monday, November 9, 2009

Update: Great News on all fronts


Last week (Friday to Friday) was a pretty crazy week for Travis and I. (Did we sell a script? Not yet.) First, there was the news from our Glory Days producer that a big agent with big talent clients read our script, loved it, and has now passed it on to his top four clients.

Then, that same day, Travis and I had a great meeting about another script we wrote, a thriller, at a production company, whose CE expressed interest in the script. She's now passing it on to the other CE at the company and we're awaiting word.

A week later, this past Friday, Travis and I went in for a general meeting at a production company run by a big comedy director who had a major hit this year. (I apologize for being so vague with some of this stuff but Hollywood tends to be a secretive place and I don't want to jeopardize anything by revealing what is going on until something has actually happened. I hope to let you in on this company soon.) A friend of Travis' is a CE there and Travis had given Glory Days to him to one, get feedback, and two, see if the director would be interested. Travis's friend, and the director's producing partner, both really loved the script. Unfortunately, it wasn't really the director's type of material. Nevertheless, the producer wanted to meet with us. And that's how Travis and I found ourselves sitting in a West Hollywood office on Friday.

By all accounts, it was a general meeting (nice to meet you...put a face to the name...what are your working on...well, keep us we're not buying anything from you right now...please!) Travis and I discussed the night before the very limited comedy pitches we had and figured we'd feel it out.

Now, here's something to keep in mind. As I mentioned in the last post, Travis and I had decided to write an indie feature that we've been wanting to work on for a while. We were tired of forcing things and wanted to work on something we REALLY wanted to do.

So, we go into this meeting, basically expecting it to be like most of our meetings. We meet the producer, we chit-chat about a really awesome, custom movie poster they had done for one of their movies, and then he said, "So, I really like Glory Days, I don't really know what you have going on right now, but I have an idea I want to throw at you." We said sure, let's here it. So, he pitched us a hilarious idea (one we probably should have thought of) and said that he wants to develop it in house, and he wants us to write it.

Whoa! Our first assignment. Then, lays it down, "This project is a priority and I would love to have a script by the new year."

Say what? As in, the "new year" two months from now? With three weeks of holiday breaks in between? THAT new year.



In essence, Travis and I are giving up our lives for the next two months to try and get a script written for this guy. He wants to sell it, he wants it to make 150 million, he wants a big star, who was in his last movie, to be in it, and let's put it this way, this guy's last movie made 180 million. And that was during a slow time of the year.

The fact that this is our first assignment, that someone is trusting us with his idea, believes that we can do it, really means a lot. It's a great break for us. The other great thing about this is that we really should have another comedy script and this gives it to us. And it's a funny idea. So, needless to say, we're excited.


In other news, I got a nice shout out on for the Mateo "Get To Know Me" video I did. You can check out the post here.


With all that's been going on, I haven't had a chance to finish up the edit on Tim Kubart's video for "Superhero." Tim and I have been going back and forth for a week or two with some changes and I have the last of them to make before sending it off to James for color. My goal is to find time to finish that this week.

Since we're going hardcore on the script now, any free time I have is almost completely devoted to writing, including weekends, until December 20th. (My wife and I go back to New York for Christmas for two weeks, so, I'm not quite sure how that's going to work. Hopefully, timing wise, we've already got a first draft of the script by then, and are just rewriting, something done easily when Travis and I are apart.)

Because of that, posting on the blog may get light for the next couple weeks. I'll try and keep things updated but I just might not be posting everyday. Bear with me...if I sell this script, it could help the blog take off.


I've managed to do 25 straight weeks of 3Questions interviews. Last week, I just didn't have an interview ready to go. I've been working with a friend of mine who has a lot of contacts and is willing to help me out. So, I should be getting more in soon and I will continue posting them as I do. I'm glad you guys are enjoying them.

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