Monday, October 26, 2009

Mateo - "Get To Know Me" Official Music Video

The video I directed and edited for MySpace artist Mateo has now been officially released on his MySpace page. I've embedded it below. I apologize for the quality. For some reason, the way MySpace encodes their video, even if it's from an HD master, just doesn't make it look very good. I have no idea why the quality sucks.

We originally shot the performance on the Canon 5D as part of Mateo's DVD for Get To Know Me: Live from Swing House. I took that footage and then edited in b-roll of Mateo on tour. I think it looks pretty good. However, none of the b-roll was shot by me. That was all Mateo, his manager for one of his friends.

I think the video turned out pretty well and I hope you enjoy it.

Get To Know Me (Live at Swing House)

MATEO -Get To Know Me LIVE EP out now! | MySpace Video

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