Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mateo's "Underneath the Sky" Chapter 2 Premiere

I've been waiting to write about this but needed to allow Mateo to launch it when he was ready, which he was today. Chapter 2 of Underneath the Sky, the "groundbreaking" (not my words) mixtape music video series MySpace artist Mateo and I created, premiered today. If you haven't seen Chapter 1, you can check it out here and then watch Chapter 2 below.

Mateo - Underneath The Sky Mixtape Ch. 2 - Video

I personally think we really stepped up our game and expectations with Chapter 2. It's fun to make these things because it's just me running around with a camera, guerrilla style. Big ups to Hudson Smith, who stepped in at the last minute to play Donnie. He really brought it and put this project on another level. Hope you all enjoy it.

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