Friday, May 22, 2009

Why wait for the DVD? Brother's Bloom Commentary Available Now

Reposting from The Brother's Bloom Blog:

Live commentary track now available on Apple!

So this is kind of weird, I’m not sure if anyone is going to be into doing this, but I figured it was a fun thing to try. The idea here is you download the mp3 file, put it on your ipod (or what have you) and take it to the theater with you. There are instructions at the beginning of the recording for when to pause / unpause, and if all goes well you will have a live commentary track playing along with the movie.

The track itself is obviously spoiler-heavy, I obviously wouldn’t recommend it for a first viewing. It’s also (to be honest) pretty dry and process-intensive, I go on at length about obnoxious stuff like symbolic color schemes, so if that doesn’t sound appealing, steer clear. The (totally different) commentary I recorded for the DVD is much more easygoing.

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