Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been fairly busy for me the last two weeks or so and, as a result, I haven't been blogging as often as I liked. A part of it too, I guess, is that I felt I've set a precedent in trying to make my posts teach you something. As if there's a lesson to be learned from what I put up here. And I think that's caused me to stagnate with my more personal posts (which is why you find more links to articles and such than stream-of-consciousness posts). However, I've been trying to convince myself to just post anyway, since this is a blog and people have come to expect it. That was last week and you can see I still haven't done it, until now. Which brings me to the busy part.

I thought I would take a moment and update you on some stuff I've got going on. Two weeks ago, Travis and I finished our draft of Glory Days for Guy Walks. The next step has been to take it to talent. Without being specific, it went to a comedy movie star's lit agent (that is, an agent who reps writers, directors, producers), who read it, loved it, pitched at the morning agency meeting and then gave it to comedy movie star's talent agent. That is who we're waiting on right now. Our theory is that the agent has read it and is now trying to get comedy movie star to read it. All in all, very exciting. But in order to not get caught up in it (you end up checking your email every five minutes to see if an update has come through), Travis and I have been busy working on several new projects.

We're not entirely sure we'll be able to get a script written (at least anything beyond a first draft, which isn't showable) before the thing goes, so we've been working on developing several ideas to pitch. We're working on three right now. Two of them we're solid on (and one of them is brilliant in my opinion) and the third Travis likes more than I do.

The last three screenplays Travis and I have written came to us naturally. I had the first idea developed well before meeting Travis (and he came up with the awesome ending), the second idea, what eventually became Glory Days, was Travis' and the third idea was mine. We've never really been at a point until now where we didn't have the next thing we wanted to do and had to sit down and come up with ideas. (We actually have a two page long list of ideas, but most of them are dramas. If we sell Glory Days, people are gonna want to see comedy ideas, which we have less of.) And it's hard because Travis and I don't always see eye-to-eye on ideas and we definitely have different points of view on the type of movies we want to write. So, a lot of ideas get cast aside mostly because I'm not that interested in them, which sometimes pisses Travis off. But, every now and then, we get an idea that we both love and immediately begin running with it, which is what happened last week. (We probably could start working on the screenplay if we wanted to.)

In addition to developing some ideas, we are also working on securing the rights to a book for adaptation. It's fairly certain that we're going to get the option on it (and a fairly cheap one at that) but we had to put together an outline of our idea for the film (since the screenplay will differ slightly from the book as written). So, that had to be put together for this week.

Now, I'm about to head out to start shooting Episode 2 of Mateo's "Underneath the Sky" Mixtape. You remember Chapter 1, right? I'll be shooting over the next three days with the bulk of it happening today and Wednesday and then I'll be on to post. Without telling me, Mateo set a date of May 26th for it's release which means post needs to happen fast. But, I think after Chapter 1, we're in a groove on exactly how it needs to come out. (For instance, the rough cut of Ch. 1 was 10 minutes long, which we thought was great, until Quddus came in and told us it had to be waaaayyyy shorter, like 4 minutes, and we eventually settled on 6 minutes.) Since I now know the length it needs to be, I can better shoot with that in mind, which will ultimately streamline the process.

I'm also desperately trying to get Robert Wilson's video edited and posted but I keep having to put in the back burner. I'm making it goal to have it finished by the end of May, so look for it then.

Did anybody learn anything from this post?

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